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When Oriental Dance is a Way of Life

Bea Azahar is a professional Oriental Dance performer and instructor based in Weston, FL.

Bea started her Middle Eastern Dance journey in her home country of Spain in 2005. Now, over eighteen years later, she is an accomplished performer, who delights audiences at bellydance festivals, theater shows, and family celebrations.

She has studied with world-renowned instructors and is a generous teacher herself, offering belly dancing classes at Harmony Dance Academy in Weston, FL. Bea’s lessons take place in a safe and nurturing environment, and welcome teens and women of any age and level.

Learn how to bellydance in an inclusive and nurturing


Hire a belly dancer to be the life

of the party at your

next event!

Bea Azahar organizes workshops,

bellydance shows, and

fundraising events.

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